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2010 What A Year

Well as you can see, I spent the better part of 2010 not updating the blog or keeping track of anything that we did.  This is unfortunate as we had a busy season and definitely got a lot accomplished.  We started the season off with a fresh suspension setup that improved every aspect of the car, but definitely showed that we needed to upgrade our almost 8 year old BFGoodrich TA KD tires.  Luckily that was rectified after our first event with a brand new set of Toyo R888 225/45/15 tires mounted on 949 Racing 6UL 15×8 Rims.

We spent the rest of the season doing as many events as possible, and finally getting a chance at Mosport International Big Track, which I have to say was a thrill of a lifetime.  Throughout the season the car and myself improved at each event, by the time the end of the season came around we were contending for the podium at each event.

The car and myself have come a long way and I’m hoping that 2011 will see our continual improvement and hopefully our first podium.

I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks going over all the stuff we did in 2010 to improve the car and outline some of our big plans for the upcoming season as well as show off some of our new and improved aero on the car.

Keep an eye out for some more updates coming soon!!!!

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