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New Website and Sponsors for 2013

Well 2012 has come and gone, and we’re ushering in 2013 with a new website design.  I felt like it was time for something new.  It’s also nice to take some time over the holidays and do some web design!  With 2013 ahead of us, preparation is already underway for the racing season.


First I would like to welcome Turbo by Garrett as a new sponsor for 2013. We are really looking forward to working with them as a sponsor and bringing as much awareness about their recently released line of GTX turbos to everyone in the sport, not to mention all their other amazing products that we run on our car!  Make sure you keep your eyes out for the #turbolife hash tag as there will be lots of social media around this campaign.

There’s lots planned for the car to get it ready for the 2013 season, which I’ll go over in more details as we get closer to the season itself.  We’re definitely not going to be standing still, as I know most of our competitors won’t be either.

All the best to everyone in the new year, and see everyone at the track!

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