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The Family of Racing

With another CSCS event wrapped up and complete, I wanted to take some time to reflect on one of the most rewarding aspects of racing, what I call the “Family of Racing”. Racing is a funny sport, or at least it is to me. In Time Attack we compete against some of the fiercest competitors, as racers we push ourselves and our cars to the limit lap after lap.  Wins are counted in tenths or hundredths of a second. Every racer I know always wants to win, but after the dust has settled racers are some of the closet nit competitors I’ve ever met.

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This is one aspect of racing, that I love the most. It’s hard to explain how you can go from competing with someone so fiercely and then in the next breath lend them a helping hand, or take some joy in the fact that they just beat you. When you try to explain it to anyone who doesn’t race they don’t understand how you can help your competitor or take some form of joy in knowing that they beat you. I mean aren’t we all doing this to win?

Of course we’re all doing this to win, but when we lose it gives us the opportunity to become a better a driver. Our competitor has shown us what is possible, they’ve shown us that you can push harder and that there’s more time to be had on the track. Our competitors help push us outside our comfort zone and in the end they make us a better driver.  It’s this competition that drives me, and I have my competitors to thank for that, for without them there’d be nothing to race for.

2013-06-02 10.31.46

I think that’s why us racers are such a close nit group of people, we all mutually respect one another through this competition.  We help each other to ensure that we still have someone to compete with week after week. Through this competition I’ve met some incredible people. I’ve made some amazing friends while racing and I get the chance to compete against them week after week.

Going fast on your own is fun, but getting to do it with your friends and family just make it so much sweeter. I can’t wait to get back to the track, and see my “family” again.

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